Interview with Alter//Earth

Where are you from?
Members and their instruments?
Just me. I program the synths, drums, whatever else i need.
What does your band name mean?
To be honest i don’t really know. I wanted “First Man On Mars” but it was already taken
What genre do you consider yourself? Why?
I am a hybrid of everything I love from metal and everything i love from electronic music.
How long have you been together?
I started seriously making music in April of 2018
What brought you to music?
I got burned out from studying classical music and wanted to return to my roots of what i used to listen to.
What drew you to music?
It just comes naturally and i do not want to have a 9-5 job i hate
What are some of your most influential bands? Why?
Opeth, BTBAM, Richie Hawtin, In Flames. They are all kings of their respective genres and rightfully so.
What was your first song?
I usually open up a default synth patch and try to create a lead and melody that fits together.
What is your song writing process?
I usually open up a default synth patch and try to create a lead and melody that fits together. After that ill add a basic drum pattern just top get things going. Once i have a general outline of a piece I will then dive in deeper with automation and little effects.
How has your music evolved?
Maybe not my music but certainly the producing aspect of it has gotten a lot better
What songs do you perform the most often?
I have not performed this music live
Do you play any covers?
No covers but i do want to do a techno cover of an ABBA song one day.
Do you have a set play list?
Not currently.
Is there a secret meaning in any of your music?
Not really, i just want to make music that i enjoy listening to and hopefully other people do too.
What is your favorite part of working in music?
I can write music any time i want and do not have to worry about a 9-5 to deal with.
What is your least favorite part of working in music?
When i spend a few days on a track and nothing good comes from it.
Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? If so how?
Maybe in the first couple of years as a classical musician I did but i quickly learned to get over that feeling and use it as motivation to play a good show.
How old were you when you started playing your instrument?
About 15 when i picked up a guitar
How do you describe your music to people?
If metal met techno
What image do you hope your music conveys?
This project is supposed to give the image of a journey through space and exploration.
Where have you performed?
Just classical venues nothing with this project
Do you have any up coming shows?
What is your greatest achievement to date?
Getting a job in the music industry right out of university
What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced?
The lack of performance opportunities where i live
Are you happy with your current success?
For only a few months doing it of course
What is the ultimate direction for you?
Live shows, touring, a big fan base
What steps have you taken to get there?
I create music every day and make sure i learn something as often as i am able to
What steps do you still have to do?
I need to release my debut album and get the word out in blogs and music websites
How do you feel about the internet and the music business?
It is absolutely essential to succeed in music
What is your favorite concert you’ve attended?
Probably when i saw Periphery and the human abstract live for Peripherys first album tour. Either that or Opeth, Mastadon, Ghost when i saw them
What do you do besides music?
I work in community music outreach programs
What is something you would like to tell your younger self?
Eat less and save your money
What is your favorite song? (not by your band)
Right now? Maybe T.H.E.M by F.U.S.E
What do you wish you spent more time doing 5 years ago?
Saving my money
What advice do you have others wanting to start their own bands?
You have to take it seriously and act as though it is a full time job

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