Interview With Manasseri

Where are you from?
Sicily, Italy
Members and their instruments?
“I WORK ALONE”😂 Seriously… I play guitar and midi controlls, for the other instruments i co-work with my friends Ciccio Tripodi and Michele Reitano.
What does your band name mean?
It’s just my surname
What genre do you consider yourself? Why?
Post-Rock / Alternative Rock
How long have you been together?
I started this project in 2016
What drew you to music?
It was an innate aspiration.
What are some of your most influential bands? Why?
Mogwai, thay are the best in musical innovation, every new song is a jump to future. Radiohead and Muse, i love them. As italian band, Verdena and Kinetic Bloom (a band from my city)
What was your first song together?
Il Gelo, but in a metal-electronic version (was not a good song)
What is your song writing process?
Top secret
How has your music evolved since you began playing together?
Now I understand musical theory and a little bit of sound engineering. I’ll never stop to study music because i want to grow musically and made better songs
What songs do you perform the most often?
Downgrade and Pyongyang
Do you play any covers?
Do you have a set play list?
Yes. Is important to organize the show
Is there a secret meaning in any of your music?
There are hidden messages in some tracks.
What is your favorite part of working in music?
Creating new melodies. I write music in a blank sheet of paper and then I start to play until sounds good
What is your least favorite part of working in music?
Promoting music. I don’t understand the basics of internet marketing, and is very hard let people know your music in this web-jungle
Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? If so how?
How old were you when you started playing your instrument?
20 years old. Yes, I started very late
How do you describe your music to people?
Sometimes sweet and sometimes agressive like Dr. Jackyll and Mr. Hyde
What image do you hope your music conveys?
I don’t want to put any limit. Just want to do music
Where have you performed?
In some Festivals in Sicily.
Do you have any up coming shows?
No. I’m looking for, but is hard to find places to perform lives in my country. So sad
What is your greatest achievement to date?
The release of my first album
What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a band?
Find places where perform my music. In Sicily there are not many opportunities for a indipendent artist
Are you happy with the current success of your band?
I hope to grow my audience using social networks
What is the ultimate direction for your band?
Get more productive in social networks like instagram and reddit.
What steps have you taken to get there?
I started to record some “one minute tracks” for instagram
What steps do you still have to do?
Optimize my home studio and my gear
How do you feel about the internet and the music business?
Internet is the only way to bypass the musical industry, and comunicate directly to fans around the world. But it’s very hard emerge and compete with bigger bands
What is your favorite concert you’ve attended?
Pas de Trai. Is an incredible music festival where artists performs in a wonderful sicilian wood.
What do you do besides music?
I’m studing Law at University of Messina
What is something you would like to tell your younger self?
Nothing. I’ve not regrets
What is your favorite song? (not by your band)
There are such many songs that it’s hard to find one. Recently I listen all day long We’re No Here by Mogwai
What do you wish you spent more time doing 5 years ago?
Travel in South America and Asia
What advice do you have others wanting to start their own bands?
Just have fun.
Any last words?
Thanks for the interview. See you soon

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