Interview With Darío

Where are you from?
Gran Canaria, an island in Spain
Members and their instruments?
Just me, Darío. I play both the flute and the piano, but I mainly use my computer to make my music.
What does your name mean?
It’s just my name, I thought it sounded good enough.
What genre do you consider yourself? Why?
I don’t really like to box myself in a genre, but most of my influences come from R&B and alternative music.
What drew you to music?
I’ve loved singing and dancing since I was a child, so when I realized I could try to make a living by making music, I took the opportunity.
What are some of your most influential bands? Why?
Lana del Rey, who’s my favorite artist, Billie Eilish, because of her aesthetic and music, and Nathy Peluso, I just love her music.
What was your first song together?
My first song, and the only one I have posted so far is called Thinking Straight.
What is your song writing process?
I don’t really have a process, I usually come up with lyrics as I listen to the beats I make, and write them on some paper or my phone.
What songs do you perform the most often?
I haven’t really started performing yet, so I’ll have to wait before being able to answer that one.
Do you play any covers?
I have prepared some covers to post them online, and I I’d love to play some when I start performing.
Is there a secret meaning in any of your music?
Not really, I just try to take my experiences and turn them into stories for others to hear.
What is your favorite part of working in music?
The satisfaction of listening to a song I made, knowing what it means to me and that other people might find their own meaning to it.
What is your least favorite part of working in music?
Trying to get noticed by people, especially now that I just started, because it’s hard and I never know if I’m doing things the right way.
Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? If so how?
Everytime I sing in public, usually for my singing lessons, I get really nervous. It really just goes away when I start singing, but it’s getting the more I do it.
How old were you when you started playing your instrument?
I started playing the flute when I was six years old, and I started playing the piano at sixteen.
How do you describe your music to people?
I’d say it’s calm, nostalgic music about a teenager’s life.
What image do you hope your music conveys?
I hope it conveys the feelings of naivety and youth of a teenager, and the experience of becoming more mature. I guess I just want it to show people the stage of life I’m in, and all of the experiences that come with it.
Where have you performed?
I mean, I haven’t started performing, so nowhere.
Do you have any up coming shows?
Not yet, but I hope I can start as soon as possible.
What is your greatest achievement to date?
Finishing my first song is my greatest achievement to date. Just listening to it for the first time filled me with joy, and I was really excited when I posted it.
What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced?
As I said before, getting people’s attention when you’re starting is hard, so I guess that’s the biggest challenge.
Are you happy with your current success?
I don’t know. I’m happy that some people have listened to it, but I’d definitely like to have a bigger audience. I’ll be satisfied when I can make a living out of music.
What is the ultimate direction for you?
I’d love to be able to make music with bigger artists and have my own career as a musician as well as producing for other people.
What steps have you taken to get there?
Getting started has taken some time. I have learned how to produce with FL Studio, I take singing lessons every week and I plan on taking more piano lessons to become better at it.
What steps do you still have to do?
I have to keep on making music and promoting it until I have a big enough audience, and I’ll see where it goes from there.
How do you feel about the internet and the music business?
The Internet allows people like me to put our music out there and try to make it without a label or a team, and I’m very thankful for that.
What is your favorite concert you’ve attended?
It definitely has to be the Lana del Rey concert I went to this year. Her voice and her presence are so magical that I felt excited and emotional through the whole concert, and seeing all of the audience sing video games together was just a gorgeous experience.
What do you do besides music?
I’m starting the telecommunication engineering degree at college this year, so I won’t have too much free time between that and making music.
What is something you would like to tell your younger self?
I’m seventeen, so I’m still pretty young, but I guess I’d just tell my younger self to just keep on being himself, and loving himself a little more.
What is your favorite song? (not by you)
My favorite song of all time is Ride by Lana del Rey, I just love everything about it.
What do you wish you spent more time doing 5 years ago?
I don’t know, I’m happy with the way I’ve lived my life so far, but I guess I could’ve played some sports or spent some time exercising.
What advice do you have others wanting to start their own bands?
To just put themselves out there and keep on trying until you make it.
Any last words?
Thank you for the interview, and to whoever reads this.

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