Interview with Ethereal

Where are you from?
Members and their instruments?
3 piece band: guitar, drums, and bass
What does your band name mean?
extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.
What genre do you consider yourself? Why?
Grunge or alternative : maybe not grunge thats only allowed in the 90s
How long have you been together?
3 months
What brought you together?
Found members Interested in try music I wrote
What drew you to music?
Just always loved writing music
What are some of your most influential bands? Why?
Nirvana, smashing pumpkins, green day, the beatles.
What was your first song together?
What is your song writing process?
Front man writes the music and brings it to the band
How has your music evolved since you began playing together?
It’s only been 3 months
What songs do you perform the most often?
All of them,and lots of new material
Do you play any covers?
Do you have a set play list?
Not yet we are currently not touring
Is there a secret meaning in any of your music?
What is your favorite part of working in music?
The fans
What is your least favorite part of working in music?
The money
Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? If so how?
Never with my own material
How old were you when you started playing your instrument?
How do you describe your music to people?
Dynamic songs with heavy rythums and raw melodic vocals
What image do you hope your music conveys?
I hope it inspired people to listen to more guitar driven music
Where have you performed?
No where yet
Do you have any up coming shows?
Not yet
What is your greatest achievement to date?
500 susb on yt
What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a band?
Making time to record new music
Are you happy with the current success of your band?
It’s been a good couple months
What is the ultimate direction for your band?
Bring back some rock music
What steps have you taken to get there?
I wrote those songs
What steps do you still have to do?
We need to reach the people
How do you feel about the internet and the music business?
Terrible. It’s a bad scene for rock music
What is your favorite concert you’ve attended?
What is something you would like to tell your younger self?
Learn to sing sooner
What is your favorite song? (not by your band)
Basket case I don’t listen to it anymore but it’s a perfect song
What do you wish you spent more time doing 5 years ago?
Reaching more people
What advice do you have others wanting to start their own bands?
Write the best song you can write then think about marketing. Don’t over budget your recordings
Any last words?
Make America grunge again


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