Where are you from?
Oakland, California, USA
Members and their instruments?
Aaron – drums; Christian – vocals and guitar
What does your band name mean?
it means forget all that mumbo jumbo, I wanna see the money. I want to see the cash in hand.
What genre do you consider yourself? Why?
versatilitycore. because we are versatile to the core.
How long have you been together?
about 3 years
What brought you together?
a strong love of music and justice.
What drew you to music?
the raw energy. adolescent angst. marijuana. curiosity and emotion.
What are some of your most influential bands? Why?
A lot of prog music was mutually inspiring to us. The complexity and precision is awe-inspiring. We’ve also been influenced pretty heavily by singers like Joe from the Clash who put a lot of emotion into their voice. Classic Oakland shit like Green Day and Mac Dre was a big part of our childhood growing up.
What was your first song together?
Our first song under this band name is called ‘What U Missed’. You can find it on our soundcloud and bandcamp, and on youtube.
What is your song writing process?
get a bunch of inspiration from music, poetry, real life, nature. then mix it up and try to tell a story with it.
How has your music evolved since you began playing together?
It’s evolved a lot. We started playing together years before starting this project, and back then things were much more based on classic rock, Primus, and basic pentatonic themes from funk music. So, it’s improved considerably haha.
What songs do you perform the most often?
We perform them all equally often.
Do you play any covers?
No but we’re thinking about it. We might even get a horn section up on stage with us.
Do you have a set play list?
Is there a secret meaning in any of your music?
There’s a meaning to all of the music. nogodsendwater is not a person or group of people, it’s an idea. Hopefully people can feel that our music is honest and can get some type of meaning from it.
What is your favorite part of working in music?
Jamming and trying new ideas. Being spontaneous. Music is about having fun and feeling it.
What is your least favorite part of working in music?
Trying to memorize things about different types of gear.
Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? If so how?
Definitely. Sometimes you just gotta grab on your nuts and go out and do it.
How old were you when you started playing your instrument?
We’ve been doing this since we were little kids.
How do you describe your music to people?
Good music. Hahah.
What image do you hope your music conveys?
Hopefully our music conveys how we honestly feel and how we see things. We try not to be too specific so that the people listening can interpret it in the context of their own experiences and perspective.
Where have you performed?
Under this current name we haven’t done any shows.
Do you have any up coming shows?
Not right now, because one of our members is living out of the country for the time being.
What is your greatest achievement to date?
Recording ‘What U Missed’ was a big moment for us, because we’d been working on that tune for a while, and it came out sounding pretty close to what we had wanted it to sound like.
What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a band?
Geographic separation. We try to always get right to work as soon as we’re both in the same city.
Are you happy with the current success of your band?
Happiness leads to complacency.
What is the ultimate direction for your band?
World domination.
What steps have you taken to get there?
Record dope music.
What steps do you still have to do?
Play some live shows. Possibly recruit more band members. And definitely record more and more songs.
How do you feel about the internet and the music business?
It’s made almost every aspect of music culture better.
What is your favorite concert you’ve attended?
In early 2011 we went to see Animals as Leaders touring in support of their first record, an amazing show. Evan Brewer was one of the opening acts. It was mind-altering.
What do you do besides music?
We’re pretty politically-minded guys so we like to keep up with current events. We enjoy playing basketball. Smoking cigarettes. But most of our free time goes into music, including going to see shows.
What is something you would like to tell your younger self?
Practice more. Listen to more different artists. Read more different poetry.
What is your favorite song? (not by your band)
Who Dat by $irius D
What do you wish you spent more time doing 5 years ago?
Learning the ins and outs of recording music.
What advice do you have others wanting to start their own bands?
Don’t wait. At all. Just start doing. If you put in multiple hours every day towards something, see where you are in one year.
Any last words?
thanks for the love and support to you guys who enjoy our music. come support the cause if you like the sounds. we out!

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